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BMHC receives donations from various sources in both the private and public sector. We are grateful to have so many wonderfu sponsors and donors who believe in our vision and mission.When individuals or organizations donate to BMHC- proceeds go
towards the following areas

1) Education and Marketing

Examples include community presentations in local  schools, churches, businesses, symposiums etc.

2) Upkeep and Maintenance of Service Provider Network

We have staff  and volunteers who are continually networking with mental health professionals, managing the databases and coordinating referrals to our service providers.

3) Development of Workshops and Conference

BMHC holds yearly conferences that provide insight and information on new developments within the black community as well as best practices as it relates to the issues of mental health.

4) Sponsorship and Funding of Mental health services of registrants

 Majority of our funding goes to financing the actual direct services utilized by those at risk. This includes  clinical sessions, transportation and other mental health support to our clients and families. If you would like more information on donating to BMHC, contact us at