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About Us

Black Mental Health Canada (BMHC) is a volunteer, non-profit, community base organization that was founded in 2019 to help meet the mental health needs of the diverse Black communities in Canada.

(BMHC) is aware that there are numerous threats to the mental health of the Black community as result opp ression, anti Black racism and other forms of racism and racial trauma, and that there are crucial disparities in treatment outcomes.

BMHC also recognizes that the realities of social exclusion, marginalization and stigma often make the pathways to care more complex among people of African descent; therefore BMHC is committed to work with other community stakeholders to improve the mental health of Black Canadians.

BMHC will endeavor to work on improving access to culturally safe and affirming mental health care through advocacy, research, referrals, development of capacity, and collaborations as well as consideration of the social determinants of health in order to facilitate more effective equitable mental health treatment and support to better meet the needs of the diverse Black communities. Want to find out more? Visit our Facebook page!

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