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Board of Directors

Thank you for visiting our Board of Directors page.

The following individuals are the minds and hearts behind BMHC. The diversity of our board which spans age, industry, gender, identity allows us to speak on behalf of and account for the multi-faceted experiences of the black community. To contact any individual on our board, select the image and scroll down to their email address.


Alice Wiafe

Alice Wiafe has served as a speaker, talk show host, wife, mother, author, Associate Professor, but most importantly a student of life. For the last 15 years, Alice has been a consultant of Anger Management, and has had the privilege of supporting hundreds of men and women through their emotional healing journey. She teaches how we can use difficult relationships to help us strive towards wholeness, purpose and a better quality of life.

Alice holds a Master's degree in counseling psychology from Adler School of Professional Psychology and is completing her doctorate in Psychology from Ryokan College. According to Alice one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a speaker is the opportunity to connect with real people with real problems.

Alice draws from a decade of working with individuals who struggle with anger and other painful emotions. Through the use of her personal stories and practical strategies, she is able to provide concrete solutions to those who suffer emotionally. She invites us inside her own personal struggle with anger and resentment as she enlightens individuals step by step on how to escape the destructive emotional patterns in their lives.

Vice President

Donna Alexander

Donna is BMHC education lead. She is a Social Worker with a specialization in addiction & mental health and a major aspect of her work is in the area of Race Based Trauma. She currently serves on the Clinical Equity & Inclusion Committee at the Department of Psychiatry and is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Factor Inwentash School of Social Work at the University of Toronto. Donna currently serves on the John Howard Society of Ontario African Canadian Research, Evaluation & Public Policy Reference Group, and serve on the Community Advisory Committee of the Children’s Aid Society Toronto. She also serves as an Advisor on the Pathways to Care project for Black Youth and is a member of the Health Task Force for the Black Opportunity Fund. Donna previously served as the Vice President of the Black Health Alliance and on the Black Experiences in Healthcare Initiative out of Sinai Health Systems. Donna provides training and support to organizations in the public and private sector in the area of race based trauma and anti racist, anti oppressive practices in clinical care. Donna holds a master’s in social work from the University of Toronto, and is a Founding member of the Ontario Chapter of the Black Social Workers Association. She currently works at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in an ethno specific service for clients that are of African descent.

Helena Wiafe

Teneshia T. Samuels

Teneshia T. Samuel (they/them) is a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, corporate trainer, and mental health educator with the Art Gallery of Mississauga. They are an advocate for harm reduction, 2SLGBTQ+ issues and Accessibility for people with disabilities.

Teneshia serves on the Board of Directors for Moyo Health & Community Services (an Ontario Harm Reduction and HIV/AIDS Service Organization) and the Board of Directors for Black Mental Health Canada.

Teneshia is a world traveller on the deafblind spectrum and has studied Mindfulness and meditation with Buddhist monastics in Thailand. Teneshia is a visionary leader in the riding of Mississauga-Centre and a federal MP nomination contender for the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Shanique Victoria Edwards

Shanique currently works as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of the Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative at CAMH, SickKids Hospital and the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in Neuroscience and Psychology and is currently completing a Masters at Tyndale University in Clinical Counselling.

With over 10 years of professional experience in healthcare, Shanique has held diverse administrative, operational and clinical roles. She is very passionate and loves working with young adults and underserved, vulnerable populations. She is founder and CEO of the Eden Legacy Foundation which originated out of her desire to see every generation of young adults emerge as leaders.

Shanique consistently volunteers her time in various capacities that empower and edify both young men and women. She has helped organize and host conferences and workshops that inspire young people and professionals push through their limitations and live in the realm of their full potential and actualize their dreams. She also actively mentors young people, both professionally and personally. She is an avid reader, writer and loves to travel.

Rachel Wilson of Black Mental Health and member of Board of Directors

Rachel Wilson

Rachel Wilson holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University. She has closely worked with racialized populations, including those with developmental and dual diagnoses for more than five years. Her passion for advocacy and promoting social justice led her to pursue a Master of Social Work at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto.

Rachel understands the fragility of Black mental health and has a strong commitment to equipping Black families with the necessary tools to promote their mental well-being.

Applying an anti-oppressive framework, she strives to cultivate racial pride and positive self-esteem in the youth with whom she supports. She is elated to join as a board member of Black Mental Health Canada and is passionate about promoting positive mental health in the Black community.



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