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Speaking Events

Hosting an Event? Explore a World of Insight with Black Mental Health Canada!

Are you looking to host an  event? Look no further! Black Mental Health offers a diverse roster of expert speakers who are ready and available to enlighten your audience on a wide range of crucial topics. Our speakers are well-versed in addressing pressing issues such as:

  • Historical and Race-based Trauma: Delve into the deep-seated impact of historical events and racial trauma on mental health.
  • Structural Racism and Cultural Competence: Understand the nuances of structural racism and learn about cultural competence to foster inclusivity.
  • Systemic Barriers and Mental Health Stigma: Uncover the challenges posed by systemic barriers and mental health stigma in marginalized communities.
  • Social Determinants of Health: Explore the social factors influencing mental health outcomes.
  • Community Collaborative Interventions: Learn about collaborative approaches that empower communities to address mental health challenges collectively.
  • Mental Health in the Black Community: Gain insights into the unique mental health needs and experiences within the Black community.

…and much more, including specialized topics like:

  • Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace
  • Trauma Sensitive Leadership
  • Mental Health and Black Youth
  • Mental Health and Black Men
  • Mental Health and Black Women
  • Mental Health and the Elderly
  • Black LGBTQ+ and Mental Health
  • Mental Health and Religion,
  • Black Mental Health in Academia.

Our events styles are tailored to suit your preferences and needs, including:

  • Lunch and Learns: Engage in insightful discussions over lunch, perfect for busy professionals seeking knowledge during their workday.
  • Half Day Trainings: Dive deep into specific topics in half-day sessions, allowing for comprehensive exploration and discussion.
  • Full Day Trainings: Immerse yourself in a day-long learning experience, ideal for in-depth understanding and skill development.
  • 2-Day Training: Extend the learning over two days, providing a comprehensive and immersive workshop experience.
  • Virtual and Online Training: Access our expertise from anywhere with virtual and online training sessions, making learning accessible and convenient.

While the list provided is just a glimpse of the topics we can cover, we are always enthusiastic about collaborating with organizations to design customized events tailored to meet their unique requirements.

Choose Black Mental Health Canada for an Enlightening and Transformative Experience!

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