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Programs, Designed for the Black Community

Black Mental Health Canada is at the forefront of empowering communities through meticulously designed mental health programs. Our approach stands out as we adapt our initiatives based on thorough needs assessments, ensuring that our interventions are precisely tailored to meet the unique requirements of each community we serve.


Black Mental Health First Response (BMHFR)

Black Mental Health First Response (BMHFR) is a training program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to provide culturally


is akin to a compass for young black youth recently released on parole or probation, helping them chart a successful path once in community


Black Response & Empathy Alternative to Harmful Enforcement.

Self Care Through Hair

Many barbers and hairstylists are strategically positioned to build relationships and trust with their clients, making them possible “First Responders” to identify clients in need.

Yes to Assess

Yes to Assess is a Psych-Ed Subsidy Program (PSP). Research suggests that Black children are often underdiagnosed and undertreated for Learning Disorders such as dyslexia and ADHD, compared to their White peers.


is an innovative program that was created to address the urgent necessity for emotional and mental health education in schools, especially in underserved communities

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