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Yes to Assess

What is Yes to Assess

“Yes, to Assess” is a proactive initiative designed to address a critical need within the black community. This program aims to identify children who may require psychoeducational assessment, thereby enabling the early detection of potential learning or neurodevelopmental disorders. By focusing on early intervention, “Yes to Assess” strives to bridge the gaps in mental health support and educational resources within the black community.

What are the Deliverables?

The program operates by conducting comprehensive assessments, leveraging the expertise of skilled professionals in the field of psychology and education. Through careful evaluation, it identifies subtle signs and symptoms that might indicate underlying learning challenges or neurodevelopmental disorders. By honing in on these early indicators, the program empowers families, educators, and healthcare professionals to provide tailored support and resources to the children in question.

Challenges with Assessments within the Black Community

Limited Access to Culturally Competent Services: Many black families face barriers in accessing culturally competent mental health services.
Cultural Competencies of Testers: The lack of cultural competencies among testers is a significant concern. Assessors who are not familiar with the cultural backgrounds, traditions, and communication styles of the black community may misinterpret behaviors or responses during assessments.
Over diagnosing and Underdiagnosing: Cultural biases can also result in overdiagnosis or underdiagnosis of learning and neurodevelopmental disorders within the black community.


How Funding Can support

Funding to compensate Psychometrists.

Training on Cultural Competencies

Accessible Clinics

Parent Education


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