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Empower Your Workplace with Black Mental Health Awareness

Our ‘Lunch and Learn’ workshops offer a transformative experience for your team, fostering a culture of understanding and support.

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Lunch and Learn Workshops

At Black Mental Health Canada, we believe in promoting mental health awareness and fostering supportive environments in workplaces across the country. Our “Lunch and Learn” workshops offer
corporations valuable opportunities to educate their employees on mental health topics relevant to the Black community. These interactive sessions are designed to increase awareness, enhance cultural competence, and provide practical tools for supporting Black mental health in the workplace.

On Demand Lunch and Learn Topics

young man going through depression

Understanding Black Mental Health

Explore the unique challenges and experiences faced by Black
individuals in terms of mental health.

cultural competence

Cultural Compentence and Sensitivity Training

Equip employees with the knowledge and skills to support colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

stress management and self care

Stress Management and Self-Care

Learn practical techniques for managing stress and practicing self-care, tailored to the experience of black individuals.

microaggression and discrimination

Addressing Microaggressions and Discrimination

Foster discussions on recognizing and addressing microaggressions and discrimination in the workplace.

promoting allyship and support

Promoting Allyship and Support

Explore strategies for being allies and providing support to Black colleagues experiencing mental health challenges.

celebrating black history month

Celebrating Black History Month

Honor the contributions of Black individuals to mental health awareness and advocacy during Black History Month.

Coping With Trauma and Building Resilience

Coping With Trauma and Building Resilience

Build resilience and coping skills, with a focus on navigating trauma within the Black community.

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