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Custom workshops

Discover Enlightening Custom Workshops with BMHC: 

At BMHC, we take pride in offering engaging and educational custom workshops centered around the crucial themes of Africentricity and Racial Trauma.  Our workshops are meticulously designed to create a safe and empowering space where participants can explore, learn, and reflect on these significant topics.

Key Components of Our Custom Workshops:

  1. In-Depth Understanding: Our workshops delve deep into the complexities of   challenges faced by individuals and communities. We also explore and emphasize the importance of embracing and celebrating African cultural heritage and identity.
  2. Interactive Learning: We believe in interactive and participatory learning. Our workshops incorporate various activities, discussions, and group exercises that encourage active participation and engagement. Participants have the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, and learn from one another.
  3. Expert Facilitators: Our workshops are led by experienced facilitators who are well-versed in the subjects they facilitate. These facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and cultural sensitivity to the sessions, ensuring a meaningful and enriching learning experience for all attendees.
  4. Safe Environment: Creating a safe and respectful environment is paramount to our workshops. We foster an atmosphere of trust, where participants feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and emotions. This safe space encourages open dialogue and promotes understanding among diverse individuals.
  5. Practical Strategies: Alongside theoretical knowledge, our workshops provide practical strategies and coping mechanisms. Participants gain valuable insights into how to address topics and issues that are taught, and how they can contribute positively to their own workplaces and settings.
  6. Community Building: Our workshops serve as a platform for community building. Participants not only gain knowledge but also connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for promoting inclusivity, understanding, and acceptance.

Consulting Services Continued Learning and Support:

  1. Beyond the sessions, BMHC is committed to providing ongoing support and resources to participants. We offer supplementary materials, reading lists, and online resources, enabling attendees to deepen their understanding and continue their learning journey independently. By registering for custom workshops, participants not only enhance their awareness of important subject matters  but also become advocates for change in their communities. Together, we work towards fostering a society that values diversity, respects cultural heritage, and stands against racial injustice. Join us in this transformative experience, and let’s learn, grow, and create positive change together.
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