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We provide culturally safe, accessible and affordable Mental Health Care to diverse Black communities in Canada.

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Mental Health Issues are a real and significant problem within the black community.

That is why at Black Mental Health we promote equitable and culturally empowering services.

Black Mental Health Canada is aware that cultural beliefs and practices are a crucial factor in mental health service that influences all aspects of care, including the decisions people make to access care, if they choose to engage with service providers, create therapeutic alliances or continue treatment. recommendations BMHC also understands that statistics on the underutilization of mental health services among diverse black communities are concerning. That is why BMHC strives to build a stronger alliance among service providers of African descent, agencies serving people of color, and other stakeholders in the Black community to work collaboratively to build capacity to facilitate culturally safe and affirming mental health care for Canada’s diverse black communities.

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Black Mental Health

We Connect

We offer referral services to find mental health professionals across Canada to help with life’s short- or long-term challenges.

We Educate

We educate about mental health as it specifically relates to the black community. We provide educational support to agencies, corporations, schools and the general public.

We Defend

We advocate for those who have no voice. We work tirelessly on behalf of those struggling with mental health issues to break down stigma and bring about change.

We Train

We offer custom workshops as well as a selection of preset topics to choose from. Check the available workshops.

Black Mental Health Canada exists to provide access to affordable mental health and education services for the black community. We're here to give you the mental health support you need, when you need it.

Not sure where to find culturally safe and sensitive therapist?

Worried about the cost of accessing mental health support?

Unsure if support is necessary or want to learn more?

Accessing the mental health support you need doesn’t have to be a struggle.

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