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The Problem

There are profound mental health disparities affecting  black individuals and disproportionately so. Black individuals are significantly more likely to experience mental illness compared to other racial/ethic groups in Canada.

The Current Issue

Black individuals are more likely to qualify as low-income, experience unemployment and be uninsured.

Negative attitudes towards the health care system reduces black individuals’ willingness to seek and receive care.

Mental health issues are not openly discussed in the black community and thus individuals struggle silently.

Treatment providers are less likely to be black and many are not educated on black culture and black struggles.

The proposed Solution

A network of culturally responsive care providers.

Affordable and accessible mental health services.

 To increase awareness & education  of mental health issues and  create space for  open dialogue .

To collaborate with  community agencies and partners to address  mental health  issues that impact recidivism.

To offer diagnosis & assessments at early onset for black children at risk of ADHD, ODD & other cognitive deficits.

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