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Health Education &  Resources for Overcoming Emotional & Mental-Health Struggles

HEROES is an innovative program that was created to address the urgent necessity for emotional and mental health education in schools, especially in underserved communities. The focus of the program is to promote mental well-being for black students by  providing them with the insight and techniques needed to face and overcome psychological and emotional problems.

The concept behind “Heroes” is to recognize  and identify young individuals who may be susceptible to mental health challenges using culturally tailored and engaging methods and resources. We aim to empower young Black children with the message that it’s completely acceptable to experience difficult emotions and equip them with knowledge and creative, & unconventional means to express and address these emotions.

Supporting Facts

  1. Disparities in Diagnosis: Black children are less likely to receive a diagnosis of mental health conditions compared to their white counterparts, leading to delayed or inadequate treatment.
  2. School Discipline: Black children are disproportionately subjected to school disciplinary actions, which can exacerbate mental health issues.
  3. Access to Care: Black children often face barriers to accessing mental health care, including stigma and limited access to culturally competent services.
  4. Suicide Rates: Suicide is a leading cause of death among Black youth.

We aim to direct our efforts towards Heroes, with a particular emphasis on underprivileged neighborhoods, driven by the following considerations,

a. Statistical data reveals a heightened incidence of anxiety and other mental health disorders within underprivileged neighborhoods.

b. Racialized individuals frequently demonstrate lower levels of confidence in mental health systems, leading to a significant disparity in seeking help when compared to their non-racialized counterparts.

c. Various factors contribute to the prevalence of mental health issues in these areas, including elevated stress levels, complex socioeconomic challenges, restricted access to affordable mental health services, and limited awareness about mental health.

What needs funding?


Aims to identify and address potential mental health issues early through systematic assessment and intervention strategies.


A program in which therapists, coaches, or support professionals who identify as Black offer assistance and support to Black children.

Training parents and teachers in recognizing the indicative signs of a child’s mental or emotional health challenges


Utilizing posters and mental health literature to disseminate the message and raise awareness about mental health.

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