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To provide low-income at risk individuals within the black community access to affordable evidence-based mental health services and education in the face of stigma, risk factors and barriers to care.

The Continual growth and embrace of Mental Health as a real and significant issue within the black community and the creation and promotion of culturally responsive services, programs and education for black children and adults.


Our Coalition

Individuals and Families

Our services are targeted towards individuals of colour, primarily those who identify as “Black, African, or from Caribbean” heritage. We work with all age groups within this community.

Mental Health Professionals

Our aim is to work closely with mental health professionals by creating a network of clinicians who are vested in both learning and addressing the unique needs of the black community.

Media, Agencies & Community

BMHC aims to be a hub and distributor of relevant mental health research pertaining to the black community. As such, we will be offering workshops, training and education to interested parties.

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