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Dia Meratian

City: Mississauga

Province: Ontario


Specialty: ADHD,Anger Management,Anxiety,Bipolar,Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD),Career related,Family Relations,Depression,Domestic Abuse,Grief,Life Coaching,Men’s Issues,Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD),Parenting,Racial Identity,School Issues,Self Esteem,Spirituality,Stress,Stress,Transgender,Trauma and PTSD,Women’s Issues
Demographic Elderly 65 plus,Adult 18-64,Teen 13-18,Pre-teen 10-12
Services: Telephone,Video
Taking new clients?: Yes
When I think about therapy, I imagine my client’s search for well-being and healing as if they were lost and trying to find their way home. You might know where home is, but find yourself stuck in darkness, not being able to find your way. As your therapist, I see myself holding the flashlight. You are the one who knows your way to healing, and I have the tools to help get you there easier. This is what I believe therapy looks like; us walking together on your journey. As we travel together to help you find “home”—your place of healing, peace, and comfort—while I share my knowledge and tools to help you find that “home”. On our way, we may chat about life, loss, grief, and challenges, while also about hope, meaning, resilience, acceptance, and growth! As a therapist, I have helped many individuals, couples, and families. I often work on relationship issues, trauma, difficulty connecting with others, impulsivity, conflict, communication, loneliness, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, immigration and acculturation, and multicultural stress. I believe we are influenced by the context we live in. As a systemic therapist (and the person who is shedding light on our way home), I can help you understand the impact of your environment and history in the challenges you are experiencing. I integrate methods such as Narrative therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Dialogic/Collaborative Therapy to help you find meaning for the past, connect with your present emotions, and build solutions for the future. Congratulations to you for making the hardest, yet most important step toward positive change: finding a therapist for yourself. I offer a free consultation, so please contact me if you like to chat about therapy!