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Jennifer Purcell

City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia


Specialty: Career related
Demographic Adult 18-64
Services: Telephone,Video
Taking new clients?: Yes
My name is Jennifer, and I am an accredited life coach who supports individuals like you to navigate workplace bias and systemic barriers to reach your full career potential. Through lived experience as a senior manager in government, I understand discrimination and microaggression can have a significant impact on our career growth, sense of belonging, and mental health. This can result in feeling disengaged, invisible and/or powerless at work. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions that are confidential, personalized, and solutions-focused. I empower my clients with impartial guidance, actionable strategies and curated learning resources. Coaching topics may include: identifying a career path; clarifying career goals; setting work boundaries; developing a personal brand for networking; gaining mentors, sponsors and/or allies; dealing with microaggressions; having difficult work conversations with supervisor or peers; advocating for support; etc. My goal is to ensure Black people have a fair and equal chance at career satisfaction and success. Let’s connect to discuss your unique situation and how we can work together.