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Roni Dhaliwal

Location: 1459 Corydon Avenue

City: Canada

Province: Manitoba


Specialty: Anger Management,Anxiety,Addictions,Men’s Issues
Demographic Elderly 65 plus,Adult 18-64,Teen 13-18
Services: Telephone,Face to Face,Video
Taking new clients?: Yes
Truth, Healing & Reclaiming your identity, are goals I want you to achieve. The stories we tell ourselves influence how we: perform in relationships; view ourselves, & make sense of our experiences of the world around us. I use a narrative approach, which is effective in helping process topics such as: trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, addiction, depression, & family of origin challenges, amongst others. My experience has provided me an in-depth understanding of how social justice issues like: racism, gender discrimination sexual orientation, ability & such impact us. I want to carefully consider the impacts of each with you.
I have been working as a social worker since 2008 having helped my clients through a variety of challenges. In my work, I assist in your growth by retelling the story of your experiences so that the stories can help you discover your truth, & heal from past wounds so that you can positively move forward in your life. Trust, Honesty and Respect or “THR”, as I like to call it, are 3 crucial fundamentals that should be part of any therapeutic relationship. I work from an open & non-judgemental mindset, respecting the experiences of each individual. This allows space for you to feel truly heard & understood. I am looking forward to working with you!